Representative of Corporate Quality in the Sector

Berkay Tekstil Company

It is an A group textile company making production in Turkey for the leading Textile Brands of USA and EU countries within frame of International Inspection Programs.

BERKAY TEXTILE Company is the branded form of expertise for 20 years by having succeeded to meet high quality expectations of their customers in their own league, in all processes of work realization.

Standardized applications of BERKAY TEXTILE Company constitute a dynamic process including their customers. As a result of this creative process, relationship of producer-mediator-customer exceeds ordinary approaches and develops the relationship form bearing professionalism that fits to twentieth century.

This approach of BERKAY TEXTILE in production process characterizes each second from the moment the purchase order is received until the time when loading is done.

BERKAY TEXTILE Company considers international expertise of textile sector and trends that have become accepted as a result of these experiences, as basis more than ordinary work conduction approaches of the company in textile sector.

The approach that makes BERKAY TEXTILE Company become an A group company in their area, is related with their applying these global criteria in their production process without compromising.

berkay tekstil Tekstil Atölyesi istanbul textile factory